Maryport Golf Club 2023 Captain

We asked the 2023 captain Stephen Oglanby some questions and here is what he had to say!

Captain Profile:



Stephen Paul Oglanby 



Oggy or most recently Stoggy

The ambassador





Years at club:



Favourite golfing moment at Maryport:

Helping and watching the County Championships


Funniest moment at Maryport:

Receiving a text during an open from Fargo ‘better call auto glass’ (whilst only on 7th tee).

Returning to club house to learn Ryan Porthouse had thinned an 8iron through 18 green into greens car park, where I was parked. To top it off I received a signed ball from Ryan saying ‘Sorry Marra’.



G425 – Driver to Lob Wedge, including 3 & 4 Hybrid.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putter.


Favourite golfer:

Lee Westwood


Favourite Playing Partner:

Tough one, but I’d have to say Stivvy. The energy he brings to a round of golf excites me and he’s breathed life into our Spoons Groups


Favourite course played:

Formby Hall


A year’s supply of Druids tops, or winning Captain’s Weekend?:

Ambassador Packs all the way 😂

I haven’t got the stamina to win a Captain’s Weekend.

Been five times and never placed in a day, or had a two.


Best thing about Maryport:

The members! Fantastic groups of people.


What you want to achieve for the 2023 season ?: 

I hope to help to improve the course and the club’s finances; but most of all I want everyone to feel welcome and enjoy us.

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