Clubhouse & Bar COVID-19 Guidance

The bar and clubhouse will be opening for business on Sat 4th July and we are issuing/implementing the following guidelines to keep members and visitors safe. Please follow the guidance below.

A one-way system is to be maintained at all times. You must enter the bar and clubhouse through the back entrance as you normally would sign in for competitions. You must exit via the front entrance or the new sliding double doors (sliding doors open if weather permits).

We ask anybody entering the bar and clubhouse to use the hand sanitizing station as you walk in then sign using your name, phone number, and address so you are contactable in the event we need to do so.

The maximum number of people to be served drinks at the bar will be 1 person at each time, please form a queue maintaining a safe distance from each other. Use common sense if you can see there is a large queue at the bar return to your seats and wait until the queue clears.

Card/Contactless payments only at the bar no money will be exchanged.

Once you have a drink please find a seat, there is no standing permitted. If weather permits please make use of our outdoor seating areas helping us to reduce the number of people we have inside at any one time.

Hand Sanitizer will be available throughout the club so please use it – the cleaning of furniture and tables will be also be increased.

Toilets will still be a one in one out system. Please call out to check if anybody is in these before you go in.

Capacity will be closely monitored and should capacity be reached we have the right to deny access until more space is available.

Please be supportive and do your best to adhere to the guidelines above. These measures are put in place to keep everyone safe who visits the club under some very challenging circumstances.

Any questions, queries or concerns you may have please get in touch we’ll do our best to answer them.

Best wishes,
The Board of Directors
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