Club V1 Booking System

As you are aware, there has been a lot happening in and around the course and Clubhouse to make it more attractive for yourselves, visitors and the general public in the hope of gaining more visitors and members in the future.
Another way in which we are looking to attract visitors is to have a straightforward, seamless method of booking a round of golf. We now have this functionality with our new website and the Club V1 software. The Club V1 software allows visitors, casual and competitive golf to be booked through the same portal simultaneously.
This will change how you, the members, book your tee times to play golf.
This system will open to visitors on 1st June 2020 when we open the course to visitors however, we require members to begin using this system first, in order to fully trial the software and to try and bottom out any issues we might encounter.
We politely request that as of 8pm on Friday 29th May you shelve the How Did I Do (HDID) app that the majority of you currently use to book your round of golf, and download the Club V1 Members app. Club V1 is the Parent app for HDID, and you probably won’t see much change, however it allows us to book in visitors contactless, which is paramount during these times.

Once downloaded, please follow the next few steps: –
1) Enter your HDID email and Password, you should be logged in with no issues.
2) Find Maryport Golf Club and link your account to the Club.
3) You should be able to see what is on the calendar going forward and book either Casual or Competitive golf under the booking tab.
4) You will be able to book Casual golf 30 days in advance.
5) Once competitive golf resumes, we will trail entering competitions through this system too
For a how to video please click here >>
The Handicap Committee have set up two trial competitions to play this weekend [30th and 31st May] open to all members of the Golf Club to book through the new Club V1 app. If you would like to enter the competition, please book into your tee slot via the booking section of the new app and you will be emailed with your drawn partner.
If you just would like a social game click the booking section again and it will bring up a calendar, simply click on the day you wish to play and the available tee times will appear In front of you, simply confirm your booking and your good to go.
If you’re having any issues, please contact us at with your issue and contact details and one of us will try and talk you through the steps and book you in.
Please remember that Competition golf has not started yet, these are trial competitions to ensure they can be done safely, in line with EGU advice.
To minimise risk of contamination we ask that one person marks the scorecard for both players and enters the score on the PSI machine for both players. We want to remind you that we want to operate a 1 in 1 out system in the Comp Room, and request that your hands are sanitised prior to entering for a scorecard, entering a score on the PSI and to post your £4 for the competition. This is to ensure the safety of yourselves AND the other members.
Please be mindful that this a new a system for us all and we are prepared for some teething issues to begin with but will endeavor to resolve and problems you may have ASAP. This will hopefully be one of the tools that will bring more and more business to Maryport Golf Club, giving us the best possible chance of the best facilities and golf course, we can all enjoy.
One final point from us, which is disappointing to finish on a negative, but we are still getting reports that people aren’t following the guidelines. There has been multiple reports now about large groups of male members congregating in the Car Park. This is the final reminder that we can, and will revoke people’s membership for the rest of the year if you are seen not to be following the guidelines. These are to keep yourself, your families and others safe during this Pandemic. Please stop being ignorant and follow the rules, they apply to everyone! You are not immune to COVID-19!

Best regards,
The Board of Directors

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